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Smart Array 431 deployment after using Software Raid

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Smart Array 431 deployment after using Software Raid

I am using a Proliant 800 (P14) and Storage F1. NTAS 2K SP4. The storage array is connected to the built-in SCSI plug on PL800 and RAID5 software is running fine. After reading many posts I purchase a SA431 to migrate to HW RAID5. Can I just get the 68 to 50 pin adapter and move cable, run ACU or do I need to move all files off F1, configure F1 after connected to SA431 move files back.
Bruno Mesquita_1
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Re: Smart Array 431 deployment after using Software Raid

This is not an easy migration. Is the operating system installed on the Storage F1 ? If yes, you should backup all the files in the RAID 5 (Software) and erase the RAID 5.

After it you should install the SA 431 and update the operating system drivers so it can see the RAID controller.

Then make an image of the disk where the operating system is installed. (For later restore, no need to install OS again)

Make the configuration on the F1 system disks attached to the SA 431 RAID controller. (Is common to do RAID 1 [ID0 + ID1] / one logical drive and RAID 5 [ID2 + ID3 + ID4 + ...] / one or more logical drives and the operating system is installed on the RAID 1 config)

Restore the OS image.

After the OS startup use the disk management to format the logical drives that you have configured.

Restore the data.

If the server is in production environment you should be careful. Get another opinion if needed

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Re: Smart Array 431 deployment after using Software Raid

Sorry about the missing info. I have 4 9.1gb internal SCSI in the Proliant 800 connected to the internal bus of the server. The boot drive is drive 0 with no partitions. The other 3 drives are just storage. I do have important data on the F1. It is connected via the 2nd bus connector on the back of the 800. I'm sure I can just move the data back to the 3 other drive or around network and do it all, but was just wondering if it would be as simple as backup and plug-in.

Prashant (I am Back)
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Re: Smart Array 431 deployment after using Software Raid

I would suggest take the ghost image of the Os and other partition.
Then erase each everything.
Then create raid 5 create a new parition as per your requirement.
then restore ghost images.
remeber the parition size may be bigger then orignal then it will run without any issues.

So you have backup copy also and you can restore also. I use same methos mostly.

Prashant S.
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