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Smart Array P400 Battery

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Smart Array P400 Battery



Hoping someone can give me a quick answer to this.

We have changed the battery on our P400 controller and now getting a "Perm Disabled" status.



This is what we see on our device management page it is a ProLiant DL380 G5

Status:   Perm Disabled   Battery Status:   Not Present Serial Number:   PA82C0H9VV34N0   Read Errors:   0 Total Memory:   256 MB   Write Errors:   0 Read Cache:   25%   Error Code:   Battery Hot Removed Write Cache:   75%   Bad Data:   None



I'm hoping a reboot will resolve the issue but as it is our Exchange Server I don't want to take it offline before clarifying it.







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Re: Smart Array P400 Battery

I'm guessing from the way you write that you did the battery change when the server was online?


The Battery is not a Hotswapable component so i don't really know if it will activate after a reboot/shutdown.

If the components held up it probably should. The Error code is quite clear Battery Hot Removed so that's why it's perm disabled any way.


So I recommend in the future that you'll use this guide when needing to do something with your server.


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Re: Smart Array P400 Battery

Should get normal after reboot.


If doesen't, power off the server, remove battery, power on and let it boot to see if status changes to 'no battery'. Shut it down and reinstall battery with no power applied. Power on to see if battery is visible to controller and started charging.

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Re: Smart Array P400 Battery

Could be a DOA battery as well , usually perm disabled status indicates failure on cache or battery and as it is a exchange server and you cannot have a unplanned dowtime, I would advise you to keep a spare cache and battery hand and swap them out together to resolve it


FYI - Status will be Temporary disabled when battery charge is low ( in your case it is new battery and the battery charge could be low but it is not temp disabled , it Permanently disabled ) hence I suggested the above solution



Goutham Sabala

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Goutham Sabala
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Re: Smart Array P400 Battery


I have a simuar issue where my battery status was failed and error code was 'replace battery'


i have replaced it now and the 'Status' is showing ENABLED


however the 'Battery Status' is showing NOT PRESENT


read cache is 100%  yet write cache is 0% and i am still having sluggish performance.   there are no error codes or bad data but it doesnt appear to show any battery charge in process.  its been several hours now and no change.


any ideas or recommendations?

Kind regards,