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SmartStart 5.5 iso defective

Jere Moore
Occasional Visitor

SmartStart 5.5 iso defective

You cannot burn a bootable cd from the iso available for download. How can I get a usable copy?
Honored Contributor

Re: SmartStart 5.5 iso defective

hi Jere

which link are you using to get a copy?

what is the error you are getting to say that?

just in case my link

in case you need I can download it an upload to an FTP

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
Jere Moore
Occasional Visitor

Re: SmartStart 5.5 iso defective

That's the link. I have downloaded and burned it multiple times. The CD that the ISO creates is not bootable. I did a little research and found out that this is not a new problem and has been going on for years. I suspect that many of these fine units are being junked simply because they cannot be booted and reconfigured and the bios cannot be accessed.

Looks like this one is headed that way, too. A pity, really, because it looks to be a very good machine--well designed and well made.

Makes me wonder about HP's support.