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Using non-ECC RAM in Proliant

Simon Blain
Occasional Contributor

Using non-ECC RAM in Proliant


I recently picked up an ML150 G2 for use as a small home server. I chose it as it did not seem from the quickspecs that it required ECC memory. The memory specifications only showed DDR 333 PC2700, though it did mention further down that the memory parts available were ECC units, I thought the ECC parts were optional. I was hoping I could use non-ECC memory in this but when I installed some DDR333 and then some DDR400 RAM from another desktop I have it did not POST properly. Unfortuneately though, these DDR333/400 modules do not have the CAS Latency figure on them so I don't know this value.
I played around in the BIOS under what I thought may be the location where I could disable ECC but this did not help. Under Advanced > Advanced Chipset Control, I set the DRAM Data Integrity Mode to Disabled, the ECC Error Type to None and SERR Signal Condition to None. This didn't help.

Can anyone advise as to how/if I can get non-ECC memory to run in this machine?

Stefan Zeitlinger
Occasional Visitor

Re: Using non-ECC RAM in Proliant

Sorry but the Server only Supports ECC Memory

Memory Mixing is not supported on this Systems as they are build for 24x7 work... without failing when a single bit in a memory bank fails

Go for the expensive ECC memory