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Using the Software Delivery Repository

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Regular Advisor

Using the Software Delivery Repository

Just a quick note for the impatient on how to reverse-engineer the script for use with YUM on CentOS:


  1. Find the product's subdirectory in the SDR (e.g., ServicePackforProLiant or SPP).
  2. Navigate the directory structure to find your server's distribution, version, and architecture in the product subdirectory path (e.g.,
  3. Use the script to add the repository to YUM.

e.g., To add the SPP repository for Red Hat 5.6 (i686) to CentOS 5.6 (x86_64) use the product name, distribution, version, and architecture information found in Steps #1 & #2 as  command-line switches like this:


[root@h2 ~]# ./ SPP -d RHEL -r 5.6 -a x86_64


This will create a YUM repository configuration file in /etc/yum.repos.d...


[root@h2 ~]# cat /etc/yum.repos.d/HP-SPP.repo 

# auto-generated by

# By including and using this configuration,
# you agree to the terms and conditions
# of the HP Software License Agreement at

name=HP Software Delivery Repository for SPP

#name=HP Software Delivery Repository Repository for SPP Packages


Once the configuration file has been created, all that's left to do is update the repository and install the packages. e.g.,


[root@h2 ~]# yum repolist
repo id              repo name                                   status
HP-SPP               HP Software Delivery Repository for SPP     27
base                 CentOS-6 - Base                             4,764
extras               CentOS-6 - Extras                           4
updates              CentOS-6 - Updates                          444


Eric Pretorious
Regular Advisor

Re: Using the Software Delivery Repository

Using this approach, I was able to successfully add all of the HP SIM tools to CentOS 5.x:


Mar 15 19:24:14 Installed: hpsmh-6.3.0-22.x86_64
Mar 15 19:24:15 Installed: hp-ilo-8.5.0-1.rhel5.x86_64
Mar 15 19:24:20 Installed: hpvca-6.3.0-8.i386
Mar 15 19:26:38 Installed: hpacucli-8.75-12.0.i386
Mar 15 19:59:35 Installed: hpdiags-8.7.3-5.x86_64
Mar 15 19:59:43 Installed: hp-health-
Mar 15 20:00:12 Installed: hp-snmp-agents-


...but not the cciss hpsa kernel modules. This might just be a limitation of CentOS, however. (FWIW: Read more about my experience adding kernel module packages from the SDR.)

Eric Pretorious
Regular Advisor

Re: Using the Software Delivery Repository

UPDATE: The CentOS.ReadMe file in the SPP directory of the SPP directory of the SDR says...


All HP ProLiant drivers are submitted into the upstream kernel, therefore, no Service Pack for ProLiant [SPP] (nor supplements) exist. Instead, a bundle of HP value-add deliverables called the Management Component Pack [MCP] is provided for these enabled distributions and can be found either directly on the HP website or in that section of the Software Delivery Repository.


The SDR page provides links a link to the MCP page where there's information about adding the MCP repository to the list of Yum repositories.

Eric Pretorious