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Very poor performance RAID-1, DL160 G5, SAS3042E

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Very poor performance RAID-1, DL160 G5, SAS3042E


We've just installed 2 extra harddisks (2 x Gb) in the server and experience very poor performance when in RAID-1 (same for Software via Windows and Hardware via the internal controller):

Read: 86Mb/s
Write: 10Mb/s

When they are tested in a non raid configuration i get, for each disk:
Read: 115Mb/s
Write: 58Mb/s

It's a DL160 G5, newest BIOS installed.
For the configuration of the RAIDs, look at the attached image. You'll see it currently rebuilding, the performance was measured when it was all synced. It takes upto 6 days to format and/or rebuild, is this normal?

The performance of the RAID-1 of 236Gb array on this controller is:
Read: 126Mb/s
Write: 83Mb/s

236GB array: DF0300B8053 HP 300GB 3.5" LFF 3G Dual Port SAS 15K RPM
1 Tb array: GB1000EAFJL HP 1TB 3G 7.2K 3.5" SATA HDD

Please advise,



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Re: Very poor performance RAID-1, DL160 G5, SAS3042E

This is normal for this HBA, it has no cache for write back like the E200,P400 smart-array raid controllers which would perform much better with battery-backed-write-cache!


HBA = dumb controller not meant for raid but can't pinch hit in simple-raid when necessary. Very poor performance is expected which is why HP sold the SMART ARRAY raid controllers.