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Will creating an array delete data on HDD?

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Will creating an array delete data on HDD?

Hi, I had a custom built windows 2012 server with a couple of drives. I have a 4TB with some data that i'd love not to loose. Bought a ML30 Gen9 and would like to use the drive (with its data of course). Will using a drive to create an array erase the data? Is there any way I can keep the data in the drive? The drive was a simple volume that I created in the Windows

TLDR: Have a drive with data that I would like to add to my ML30, will i loose the data?

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Re: Will creating an array delete data on HDD?

So a couple of things 

1. What type of RAID do you want? 

2. How many drives do you have?

Question: Will creating an array delete the data on a HDD? 

Short Answer: Yes, always will require the sacrifice of data on at least one drive. 

Question: Is there any way to keep the data on the drive and adding it to an array

Long Answer: Yes, but it will have to be a raid 1, and you will need double the drives that you currently have. 

Best Solution is to 

1. Backup up all logical drives 

2. Create an array (losing all data on HDDs), I would recommend RAID 5 or RAID 6 depending on drives availble 

3. Restore Data on the Drives 


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