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Win2k sp4 Terminal Server in Application mode

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Occasional Contributor

Win2k sp4 Terminal Server in Application mode

We have an HP DL380 G3 server with one 18.2 GB 15k wide ultra320 SCSI drive, model #BF018863B8, running Windows 2000 sp4, in terminal server application mode. All of a sudden it started to disconnect users (this happened gradually), now it disconnects users all the time. I watched as I rebooted the server and allowed users to connect. All by itself, the terminal server rebooted. Event viewer does not say why it rebooted, only that it rebooted unexpectedly with ID #6008.
We copied the entire drive to a storage drive and reinstalled the O/S. I got part way through the reinstallation of the O/S and the server rebooted. It now does this over and over each time I try to reinstall the O/S. I ran memory diagnostics (passed). I checked the drive (passed). I have been going nuts trying to figure it out. I need extra minds to give me some suggestions. Thank you. aka Pat
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Joseph L. Casale
Regular Advisor

Re: Win2k sp4 Terminal Server in Application mode

Well, sounds like something hardware related for sure. Pick up a linux stress testing bootable iso like stresslinux or inquisitor and beat on it.

Does it always reboot in the same place? I am guessing no, so maybe mem is ok but powersupply is unstable for example?

Edgar Zapata
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Win2k sp4 Terminal Server in Application mode


This seems to me like system degradation to the point, the server reboots.

Windows found no problems with the File System when running chkdsk.
Check if there's any System Event id 55.

What software are you using for disk management?
Also get a list of all the software you have already installed (Winaudit could help with this) it may help in diagnosing any potential conflicts. I have seen this in the past with different versions of Symantec products.
Chekc with the AV product maker if there are any known issues that could account for this behavior.
Check for any conflicting drivers.
You would need to check at devmgmt.msc for hidden devices and see if there's any exclamation mark.

Plus, you may be wanting to generate a memory dump yourself right before the reboot occurs. This will allow you to use some software to analyze the .dmp and see if that tells you what's causing the server to reboot.
Here's how:

I would check Systems Management Homepage (http://ServerName:2301 -by default) if there are any settings (like high CPU temperature levels that may be causing the server to reboot). Also look for any LEDs at the server and general conditions at the Data center (wiring, power supply).

Hope some of these may help.

Occasional Contributor

Re: Win2k sp4 Terminal Server in Application mode

RITMO2K: I thought the power supply might be a problem, but I have redundant power. I can hardly believe both are bad, but stranger things have happened. Also I know nothing of Linux, but you say I can use this utilty with Windows?
EDGAR: I will need some time to get back to both of you. You both have suggested very valuable troubleshooting info that I am eager to apply. Thank you. Pat
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Joseph L. Casale
Regular Advisor

Re: Win2k sp4 Terminal Server in Application mode

Well, there are electronics in front of the power supplies that present a filtered consistent current to the chassis, they could be bad? Mobo could be flaky under load, a memtest doesn't stress the mobo, so many possibilities.

Yes, the Linux iso's can be booted from without getting into windows. As you mentioned you have not been able to install anymore, you likely don't have data on the discs, but be careful as some tests write to the storage device's in a raw manor and destroy the existing file system.

Old system, more then likely its become flaky...