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array problem

Occasional Contributor

array problem

Hi all,
someone can help me?
server proliant 380 with smart array 5
2 disks configurated in array 1+0.
disk 0 fault
disk 1 in interim recovery mode.
I replaced disk 0 with a new one.
How can i change status to my disk 1 and
so recondition the array?
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Re: array problem


The rebuild should happen automatically when you insert the replacement drive. The disk should flash every few seconds to indicate that it is being rebuilt. To view the progress (% complete) you can run the online Array Configuration Utility which will indicate the progress of the rebuild at the bottom of the screen.

If the replacement disk does not begin to rebuild there may be a problem. Make sure it isn't a disk from another raid 1+0 configuration. If possible you should use a new disk as the controller will be aware of any previous configuration when it checks the newly inserted disk.

I hope this helps.