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iLO 5 problem with AlertMail

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iLO 5 problem with AlertMail

I have iLO 5 ver 2.10
I am not able to configure AlertMail using my credentials (working normally elsewhere).
I am not connected to any domain, I have Windows Server 2016.
I read that domain must not be empty but I am not connected to any domain, I tried puting unsuccessfully.
I am using iLO Shared Network Port, without DHCP, and the IP and DNS are configured, and the Server Has Internet Access.
Please advise possible solutions.

The Log I am getting:

AlertMail general failure
Initial Update
04/04/2020 10:44:57
Event Class
Event Code
Recommended Action
Confirm that all Alert Mail configurations are correct (valid DNS/FQDN, SMTP server, etc)


Re: iLO 5 problem with AlertMail

iLO 5 only supports STARTTLS, Upon negotiation between different mailservers ILO always tried to offer STARTTLS as its' secure protocol.

We recommends to use port 587 for secure communication, where 587 is the default STARTTLS port for mailservers.

You have to just use STARTTLS as your initial authentication method (Default port 587 is STARTTLS) and not SSL (default port for that is 465).

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Re: iLO 5 problem with AlertMail

Fixed. Thank you.
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Re: iLO 5 problem with AlertMail

I have the same issue, but being Verizon I don't have the luxury of changing the SMTP port since our open mail server is used by many other systems to send email alerts.  Also, it is listening on port 25.  Is there any way for me to solve this on the iLO side without having to change the mail server side?