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ilorest issues

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ilorest issues


I want to automate iLO5 settings configuration. Step i do:
1. manually config server via ilo web gui
2. export iLO5 settings from OS via ilorest tool.
3. load iLO5 settings via ilorest from OS.

Settings which I want to apply configures Active directory authentication.
Servers (ProLiant Gen10) have ilo advanced license installed.

The issue is that ilorest tool cannot successfully load settings.
It gives error: Skipping property basedistinguishednames, not found in current server.
basedistinguishednames is setting for Directory User Context

Commands I run:
Save iLO config

iLOrest : RESTful Interface Tool version 3.0
Copyright (c) 2014, 2019 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP
iLOrest > save --selector=AccountService -f config.json
Local login initiated...
Discovering data...Done
Saving configuration...
Configuration saved to: config.json

Load iLO config

iLOrest > load -f config.json
Loading configuration...
Local login initiated...
Discovering data...Done
Skipping property basedistinguishednames, not found in current server.
Property is read-only skipping '@odata.etag'
Committing changes...
The operation completed successfully.

Can anyone please tell me what I am missing/doing wrong?


Re: ilorest issues

Checked the Restful Interface tool user guide and the commands look different then the one you are using. Please refer to the Restful Interface Tool 3.0.0 User guide:-



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