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kernel is tainted

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kernel is tainted



Hi  All,



As per this customer advisory  we want to confirm if we can modify grub.conf to have ""intremap=no_x2apic_optout " added as "cat /proc/sys/kernel/tainted" was showing 513 instead of 512 based on below advisory. Please confirm?


Re: kernel is tainted



The advisory is particular meant for tainted_kernel : 512 error; I believe the the 513 could be relating to some other bug probable relating network modules.



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Re: kernel is tainted

The value in /proc/sys/kernel/tainted is a combination of various single-bit taint flags. Each of those flags indicates a specific thing, and each has a distinct value (a power of two).


Taint flag 512 indicates that a kernel warning has occurred.


Taint flag 1 indicates that you've loaded a kernel module with a non-GPL license. Binary-only modules, like the hpahcisr module for the SmartArray Bxxxi series will definitely cause this flag to be set.


Value 513 means that the system has both the kernel warning flag and the non-GPL module flag set.


If you are seeing the warning message listed in the advisory, you can apply the workaround, but it will only remove the taint flag related to the kernel warning message, i.e. the /proc/sys/kernel/tainted value should change from 513 to 1.


Here's a full list of taint flag values: