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ml350 G5s problems?

Sean OB_1
Honored Contributor

ml350 G5s problems?

I had a customer ask me if there are any issues with ml350 G5s.

He was told by two different vars that there are issues with the ml350 G5s and spontaneous shutdown/reboots.

According to one reseller almost 60% of the ones they sold are having problems.

Has anyone else seen anything about this?

TIA and points for all responses.

Honored Contributor

Re: ml350 G5s problems?

Hi Sean,

I only know that a higher than usual amount of hot-plug power supplies are being swapped on the ML350 G5 and ML370 G5 models.
The PSU is also common to many other G5's.
HP appear to have adopted a common PSU in G5's rather than different PSU's for different servers as with previous generations.

Spare Part number is 403781-001.
1000 Watt PSU. The ones I have been issued with as replacements for failures have been OK and are always higher revision levels which may indicate that HP have resolved an internal issue - I don't know if that is the case.

I also don't know if it's only an issue in the UK with mains input at 240V but I doubt it.

I hope this helps.