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ndi_devi_online: failed for array-controller

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Twatchai Saelao
Occasional Advisor

ndi_devi_online: failed for array-controller

I use HP DL 380 G6 + Qlogic Firmware version 5.3.2, OS is Oracle Solaris 10 x86 (9/10)

When I check on message file, It should "ndi_devi_online: failed for array-controller: target=24000 lun=0 ffffffff"

What is it mean? and How do i do to fix it?
Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: ndi_devi_online: failed for array-controller

Are you still seeing this problem?

Lots of other things going on at 22:58 in the logs. Reboot? Problem?

LUN=0 - first LU from your SAN.

For EVA - LUN0 is used for management/Command View). What kind of disk array do you have?
Twatchai Saelao
Occasional Advisor

Re: ndi_devi_online: failed for array-controller

Yes, It have 2 - 3 problem (present lun, network card).
This problem is message file show this error.
I have EVA4400 which present 2 luns (100 GB/lun) per server. My customer ask about this error. Do you have any idea?
OS is Oracle Solaris 10 x86 (9/10)
Server is HP DL 380 G6 with Qlogic HBA adapter.

For network card problem, I found something wihch may be can fix problem. Thank you very much. For you help.