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predictive processor failure

Phillip Judge
Occasional Contributor

predictive processor failure


we have a dl585 g2 that has an error in SIM that indicates a predictive faile on processor 4.
I have swapped the procesor out twice & still no luck. it still say predictive failure. I tried looking at the bios for any processor error reset options (none) & used smart start cd to clear IML but they were no error in the log!

in windows Event log it say:
a processor has crossed the threshold of allowable corrected errors. the processor should be replaced.

any ideas?
Honored Contributor

Re: predictive processor failure


to be sure that the error is real
update your System ROM, update your HP insight agents (since they report to SIM), update IML, clear NVRAM and if after that issue persists as you say error follows processor where it goes so looks like processor is not good

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
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Re: predictive processor failure

Never clear the IML or NVRAM.

If you get any failure indicators in SIM and/or the windows event log:
Check the IML - If the IML indicate hardware failure: replace the bad part, and mark the incident as repaird, and add a maintenance note in the IML, telling your action

Allways "mark repaird" when you have taken corrective action

Here's how i do it, if i have to replace a defective CPU or DIMM:

Check IML: - Got a bad CPU
Mark repaired.
Shut down server
Remove power cords
Replace bad part (CPU)
Restart server
Check logs
Add maintenance note i IML: Replaced CPU 4, Case no. and my initials.

If you have to replace the system board, you can save the IML, in IML format or tekst format.

Only! if you really need to force a re-configuration of the server, you clear the NVRAM.

If you got no insidents in the IML.
Upgrade BIOS and Insight agents.

If you got no insidents, in IML and O/S event log, then you got a problem on SIM.
Try: delete server and re-scan.

If, you got insidents in the IML.
Replace the indicated CPU.
If problem still persist, upgrade BIOS. Still persist, you have got a bad CPU board, or System board, or another CPU is caursing the problem.