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raid array rebuild issue

Occasional Advisor

raid array rebuild issue

i am running a proliant server that i installed 2003 standard on myself.
its been running for about 3 years now and recently have decided to upgrade the memory and the hard drive.
originally it was running a single array of raid 1 for local drive of 320 gigs.
i decided to add a pair of 1 terrabyte drives as d:\ drive so i would have 2 arrays of raid 1.

luckily i did this when i did because upon checking on the new drives i had installed i noticed my c: array was running on 1 drive.

i added a new 320 to the current array and added the 2 new 1 terra's for the new array.

now it says i must rebuild the c: array within windows.
although i do not have any array management applications. i dont know how i will do this unless it rebuilds itself.

please help...
Occasional Advisor

Re: raid array rebuild issue

i forgot to add that the array of 1 terra's seems to be working fine.