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using IDE Raid and Compaq Embedded SmartArray (DL380)

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using IDE Raid and Compaq Embedded SmartArray (DL380)

I know, Compaq claims they don't support any PCI IDE cards of any type for their SCSI based servers.

But, I REALLY want to have some inexpensive mass storage on my DL380 G1; And I hear, some people have gotten it to work. I tried to mimic Chris Wilkin's configuration (embedded SCSI array to boot, Promise Ultra 133 TX2 IDE card for IDE drives)

So my setup is: DL380 G1 with 4x18.2 SCSI drives, and a Promise Ultra 100 TX2 card with 80gb IDE drive. (Win Server 2k3) As the server boots, it first finds the SCSI array, and next the Promise bios loads and finds the IDE drive. Next, the server boots off the SCSI drives. I thought I had achieved victory at this point - but I was wrong. When windows loads, the system requires me to install the driver for the Promise card which it identifies as a raid controller. The driver installs successfully, but when I reboot, the system hangs during the windows startup screen (when the system tries to access the drive, I guess) Any suggestions? Thanks

Tarek Kawach
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Re: using IDE Raid and Compaq Embedded SmartArray (DL380)

Hi Daniel:

After you added the Promise Card, did you go to the SCU F10 partion and made sure that the card has resources in the bios and it is enabled.

Make sure have latest Server Firmware for the DL380G1. And latest driver from Promise also possible firmware on the ATA controller.

O/s or bios cannot allocate Resources for that device once the driver is installed.

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