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using Simpletech dual rank memory in DL380G4

George Quist
Frequent Advisor

using Simpletech dual rank memory in DL380G4

We are trying to instal a Simpetech branded 4gb dual rank memory upgrade ( Simpletech part number STC3750/4GB ) into a a new DL380G4 server.. went over the various "rules" about banks etc in the Service Guide.. But even installing that kit alone in the bank A slots causes post test to hang and the server fault led and alarm to go on.. Toggled the Advanced ECC in the bios . no luck.. The Base server having 2GB of HP memory in bank A works fine alone..Ideas ? Simpletech "claims" full compatability..Perhaps the kit is bad ? Other tricks to try using dual rank memory ?
Chris Saindon
Valued Contributor

Re: using Simpletech dual rank memory in DL380G4

Hello George,

Third party memory in HP servers is notorious for not working. HP uses certain features that most other manufactures do not incorporate into their memory. Even though they claim full compatibility, it is not. I can assure you of this.

I have seen 3rd party memory work. But I've seen WAY more not work.

Just some advice to try. Are you installing the Simpletech DIMMS alone or with the HP memory? If you are mixing, 99% of the time it will not work. If they are alone you're basically running a 50/50 % chance of it working.

Also, make sure all your firmware is up to date.

Software Directory (To get the software page for any server and O/S)

Firmware Maintenance CD (Most current will be from the link above)

Other than that, my best advice: try the same config with HP memory, I can almost guarantee with 99% assurance that it will work, assuming there is not an issue with the slots.

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