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1779 - Slot 0 Drive Array...

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1779 - Slot 0 Drive Array...

replacement drive(s) detected OR previously failed drive(s) now appear to be operational:
SCSI Port 2: SCSI ID 0
Restore data from backup if replacement drive(s) have been installed.

This message comes up during post when my server reboots on its own. I have not replaced any drives. I also have event IDs 9 and 11 in my event viewer. Is my drive 0 dying or do I need to update some drivers (firmware/scsi controller etc.).

Prliant 360 Server (550 MHz)
Windows 2003 Server
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Re: 1779 - Slot 0 Drive Array...

Anyone can help me out with this one?
Kedd Guyton
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Re: 1779 - Slot 0 Drive Array...

Which model of Smart Array Controller is the DL360 using?

In the System Management Homepage, when you view the properties of each physical disk, are there any issues, timeouts, etcetera?

Is the Smart Array Controller itself shown as healthy?

Are there any related events in the IML (Integrated Management Log)?

Is Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 installed?
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Re: 1779 - Slot 0 Drive Array...

I woul start by running the 7.4 Firmware CD found here:
This will update ALL firmware.

Smart Start 5.5 will then help you load the OS.

Then run the latest PSP you can find here:

If this doesn't work, start from scratch by clearing NVRAM (All data will be lost if you don't pull the hard drives first), then repeat the three steps above....