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DL380 G4 - 64-Bit CPU Support

Douglas Spooner

DL380 G4 - 64-Bit CPU Support


I am trying to find out what CPU support my DL380 G4 has. I have ESX 3.5 installed and want to use 64-bit guests.

From looking at

It seems the 3.0Ghz cpus I have are not 64-bit capable as there are no VT options in the BIOS.

Would anyone be able to recomend which 64-bit CPU's would be supported. Baring in mind I'll be looking on ebay as this is test rig I'm using at home to help me study for my VCP and dont want to spend a fortune!


Prem Selvam Arumugam
Trusted Contributor

Re: DL380 G4 - 64-Bit CPU Support

Check the Supported CPU's at the Bwlow link

Processor Intel Xeon X3.2-1MB/800MHz Processor Option Kit 374492-B21
Intel Xeon X2.8-2MB/800MHz Processor Option Kit 397645-B21
Intel Xeon X3.0-2MB/800MHz Processor Option Kit 378748-B21
Intel Xeon X3.0-2MB/800MHz LV Processor Option Kit 397646-B21
Intel Xeon X3.2-2MB/800MHz Processor Option Kit 378749-B21
Intel Xeon X3.4-2MB/800MHz Processor Option Kit 378750-B21
Intel Xeon X3.6-2MB/800MHz Processor Option Kit 378751-B21
Intel Xeon X3.8-2MB/800MHz Processor Option Kit 378752-B21