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DL380 G5 HBA update


DL380 G5 HBA update


I'm looking at the update discussed here:

It's different to most HP updates as it doesn't appear supported by the version control agent, an online softpaq, or the firmware maintenance CD.

Following the instructions to flash from two floppy disks doesn't really work. As soon as you remove your boot disk and run anything, the shell complains is missing. I usually get around this with other flash updates by copying this file onto disk two, but in this case it didn't fit.

I applied the update instead by using a the DOS Flash CD discussed here:

It appeared to work, but the "flash" appeared almost instant, and just didn't feel like anything happened.

So the two questions I have are:
- Did anyone else find this update procedure broken, or am I missing something obvious?
- How can I check the current version. I can't see any method of getting it to display.

Any assistance appreciated.

Re: DL380 G5 HBA update

I hate to do this, but.. bump.

We've got more of these servers going in, and any answer on this would be appreciated.

Summary question: How do I check the HBA firmware installed version?