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Expand Raid 5 Array on ML370 G4

Adam McInnes
New Member

Expand Raid 5 Array on ML370 G4


Has anyone got experience of expanding a Raid 5 array? I've got a spare drive of the same size that I want to use to increase the size of an existing array.

The array controller is Smart Array 641, which i've upgraded to the latest firmware.

The current size of the array is 550 GB and I want to increase it by 146GB drive.

What are the risks involved and what would be the best setting to set the expand priority to?

Also, I understand once started the process can't be stopped? any idea how long it will take?

Many thanks for your help.
Prem Selvam Arumugam
Trusted Contributor

Re: Expand Raid 5 Array on ML370 G4


Take a complete backup, Check your ACU diagnostic logs before you start, do a disk clean up in OS level, If time permits do a disk defrag ,Expand the array, Set the priority to Medium, It won't take much, but still on worst case will finish in 24 hrs approx.

Never restart or, change ACU settings while expanding