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Extending array on smart array 431

Michael Hanna
New Member

Extending array on smart array 431

I added a 4th drive to our smart array 431 controller. The first 3 were 18 Gb drives and all we could get was a 36 Gb drive. I upgraded the firmware on the controller and upgraded the ACU. It went through and allowed me to extend the array and even create a 17 Gb physical drive left over from the 36 Gb drive. My problem is, the array went through and said it completed, but I don't see the extra space. I was able to create the small 17 Gb logical drive through Disk Manager. This is on an ML 350 G1 running Windows 2000 server SP4. Why is the extra space from the array not showing up? Did I botch something?
Oleg Koroz
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Re: Extending array on smart array 431

what you see from ACU?
see attachment