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Gen 8 Microserver Freenas


Gen 8 Microserver Freenas

I am pretty new to Servers and have built a Gen 8 Microserver using Freenas operating system. I haven't upgraded the firmware since 2015 because I can never find the correct version for Freenas. Also once I get into never ending circles with the HP website I give up. Can anyone suggest a solution? 

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Re: Gen 8 Microserver Freenas

There isn't a correct version (of Firmware) for FreeNAS because Firmware is, mostly, OS independant.

Software Tools designed to help user to perform *online* Firmware updates (so it's OS dependant because it works on OS) exist - that's true for various Server components such as iLO4, System ROM, NIC, Smart Array Storage Controller and so on - and they are specifically OS dependant.

Latest System ROM (BIOS) firmware for HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 (J06) was the 2015.11.02(B) released October, 24th 2016, read about it here.

Also, HPE iLO4 and NIC have Firmwares that can be updated.

P.S. I too used various HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen7 and Gen8 units as Storage boxes (mainly using NAS4Free or OmniOS/OmniOSce).

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Re: Gen 8 Microserver Freenas

You could also chat with our Pre-Sales team too for advice.