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Re: LH3000 HOT SWAP secundary

Gustavo Reali
New Member

LH3000 HOT SWAP secundary


Somebody know if i´can use a primary hot swap cage from a LH3 in a LH3000 that i want to expand hard capacity?.
sorry my english if any want to practice spanish is welcome
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: LH3000 HOT SWAP secundary


yes this is possible but the disk backplane of the LH3 is not Ultra3 capable, it is Ultra2 SCSI .
If you also move the disks from the lH3 (which are Ultra 2 most likely) then this is fine as they will never run at Ultra 3 speed.

If you have Ultra 3 capable disks you will install in that LH3 backplane then it is best to force the speed on that channel to a max. of Ultra2 to avoid issues on the SCSI bus between the controller and the disks.