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LH4 Net Raid options

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LH4 Net Raid options

I've got a NetServer LH 4 dedicated to running as a database server and was wanting to see if we could speed it up a little. The CPU/RAM side of things is fine, where we need some attention is with the disk system.

Does anyone know:

1) Can the 16 MB cache chip on the integrated NETRAID be replaced with a something bigger?

2a) If I was to switch the system over to write-back cache, is it completely safe?

2b)If not, is there a battery backup option for the integrated NetRAID or do I need a whole new controller?

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Re: LH4 Net Raid options

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You can find for example: the lh4 p3-700 version has an option to upgrade to a 64mb cache memory with the part no. of D7132-69000.

Similarly D5955-63002 for the integrated Netraid battery pack can be purchased and connected to your power management board. Just make sure it comes along with a battery cable.

Switching to write-back cache is safe provided you have a battery module to backup the cached data in the memory when there is a power failure, but pls do a full backup in case things goes wrong.

Hope this helps.