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ML350 server very slow!

bevis chan
New Member

ML350 server very slow!

Hi, one of my customer is complaining that his ML350 is becoming very slow after installing and running one of their propietary application. So they are asking for opinion from me is there any way to improve the performance of the server without adding new hardware such as shutoff unneccesary default processes running background or enable hyperthreading(do ML350 have this)?

any suggestion will be greatly appreciated
Mike Westkamper
Occasional Contributor

Re: ML350 server very slow!

Hi Bevis,

I am sure you realize it is impossible to answer your question with a good bit of information. The slowdown can be I/O, bus or CPU bandwidth limits. What is causing you to hit those limits depends on the nature of the applications.

One way to start is to look at the performance tools. The easiest is to Ctrl-Alt-Del > Task Manager the look at Processes. Looking down the column you can see who is hogging the CPU and memory.

The I/O is a little more complicated. Here go to the performance tools in the Settings > Administrative Tools folder. You can set it up to look at a number of problem areas.

I hope this helps.