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Microserver Remote Access Card

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Microserver Remote Access Card

I've got a Gen7 Microserver running Windows Server 2012 Essentials with a Remote Access Card.  I can access the web interface of this device and navigate the menus but I get an error when I try Launch KVM Viewer or Launch VM Viewer.  I'm suspecting that this is an IE issue and/or a Java issue.  


Just looking for any information that can help.  I've tried this from a couple different remote computers with Win8, Win7 and Win XP and a few versions of IE.







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Jimmy Vance
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Re: Microserver Remote Access Card

I haven't used one of those remote cards in several months, and don't recall if it uses Java or not.  If it does, you are probably running into the Java 7 security "problem" You will need to drop back to Java 6, or add the IP/hostname in the security exception list for Java 7. Even then I've seen odd results from java based interfaces when using this work around for Java 7


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