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Moving RAID array from one Proliant server to another

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Moving RAID array from one Proliant server to another

At some point in time, a RAID adapter or integrated RAID adapter or even a system board in one of my Proliant DL server is going to fail. Is it possible to move the physical drives that make up the RAID array to another server and have the logical array recognized? If so, how?
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Re: Moving RAID array from one Proliant server to another


This can be done, with some caveats:

1. You must move the drives in the same order as that were in the system they came from. In other words, keep the SCSI ID's the same or at least in the same progression.

2. You should only migrate drives from and to the same type of controller. Here is a migration document that will help.

3. There are some problems moving the boot partiton arrays from one controller to another based upon the O/S installed and what drivers are used.

Otherwise this is commonly done.

If you have specific controllers and servers in mind, post those here and we can work out some details.

Hope this helps! -john
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Re: Moving RAID array from one Proliant server to another

I have several models of Proliant DL servers. I have a few DL360s (all G2s), many DL380s (G2 and G3) and a few DL580s. RAID controller is either the integrated 5i or a 5302 adapter. OS is mostly Windows Server 2000 or 2003 but there are a couple Linux instances as well. I'm not currently having the problem but I want to be ready when I do run into this. I know on IBM servers, the ServeRAID adapter copies it's configuration to the firmware of each SCSI RAID drive. Then, to recover from a failed RAID adapter, replace the adapter and read back the configuration from any one of the drives.
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Re: Moving RAID array from one Proliant server to another

Great information. Thank you.

I have the same question with more information.  

I'd like to move an 8 drive array from one DL380 G7 (Windows Server 2008 R2) to another.  Both computers are basically identical with the same Windows install, etc. If I move all the drives and controller from one CPU to another and keep the drive order, cables, etc. exactly the same, will the array drive just show up once I boot the second CPU with the relocated 8 drives and P410 controller installed?

Thanks in advance.


Bill Sanford