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Strange behavior of disk array controller

Ivakin Dmitry
Frequent Advisor

Strange behavior of disk array controller

My server has following configuration:
totally 6 disks, 5 disks in RAID 5 (two logical disks for OS and data) and one disk in RAID 0 (only for data).
Recently this server has been crashed. After analyze, I found 1 hdd in RAID 5 has been failed (it was replaced) and disk in RAID 0 has status "Preductive failure" (also has been replaced). The OS also crashed.
On RAID 5 I can see only one logical drive (4GB with OS). Other logical drive with size 260 GB doesn't have partition (corrupted).
I've installed latest firware on RAID controller and all HDDs.
Now every time after restart I see message of RAID 5 status "recovering". After 34% it's stops and status changed to "ready for recovery". Status of all HDDs now is green (normal).
Also when I use some utility to recover damaged partition and data (Get NTFS Data Back), it works till 34%, then I have I/O error. But I can see partition under this software.
Could you explain me, what it the problem of RAID controller? Could you recommend some software to recover NTFS partition itself?

Thank you.
Ivakin Dmitry
Frequent Advisor

Re: Strange behavior of disk array controller

Additionaly I want to say, that damaged drives has been replaced by not the same models. The difference in spare part number, firware version, RPM.