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Win2003 static IP problem with DHCP

Julian Learmonth
New Member

Win2003 static IP problem with DHCP


I have a ProLiant BL25p running Windows 2003 Standard SP1 that has an unusual network problem. Two of the four NIC's are teamed together (TLB, TCP method) and have a static IP address assigned to the team. At the moment only one of the NIC's is connected to the network as a new network is currently being provisioned (i.e. not ready yet).

The problem is that the machine will work fine for a while, and then it will drop off the network. Connecting to the console via iLO, I can see (via the icon in the task bar) that the machine is performing a DHCP request. Doing an ipconfig /all shows that the team isn't configured for DHCP and that it's currently got an IP address of (i.e. not what I set it to). Doing an ipconfig /release says that the command is not supported as none of the interfaces are configured for DHCP.

If I disable the (virtual) teamed NIC and then enable it again all is fine. The old IP is back and everything works fine. I've tried breaking the team and assigning static IP addresses to the two physical NIC's and then recreating the team (on the off chance it was one of them making the DHCP request) but the problem still persists.

I have over fifty machines that are all identical and have been deployed via an RDP image, but this is only a problem on three of them. Hardware is identical, OS image is identical.

Any ideas would be appreciated!