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Smart Start (older version) with Ubuntu

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Smart Start (older version) with Ubuntu


I am a bit lost. I can find the new version of smart start but can not find any of the older versions to download.

My issue is I have bought 3 new 36gig scsi drives and need to access the array controller to add them (or what ever i need to do in there, dont know yet). But when i try and boot from the new CD it wont let me. I have an OLD proliant 5500 server and from what I have read on posts I can find is that i may need 5.0 or 5.5 to do this.

can anyone tell me where I could find this please?

Also if anyone knows and wouldnt mind telling me how do I go about adding more drives to my array. at this point there are 4 9.1 gig drives and i now ihave another 3 36gigers to add. I think i must create 2 seperate raid drives due to the different sizes but I truely dont know how. (going to be using them in raid 5, like the 9 gigers are now).

Thx for your help

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Smart Start (older version) with Ubuntu

Shalom Twiggy,

With the right smart start cd you should be able to boot, rebuild the array with the Compaq utility and move along with an installation.

There is some possibility that Ubuntu won't work here because it was never tested with the smart start utility.

I'd reconfigure the array and attempt a Fedora installtion just to see what the real issue is.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: Smart Start (older version) with Ubuntu

its configuring the array i dont know how to do though.

any advice please
Mike Stroyan
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Re: Smart Start (older version) with Ubuntu

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Re: Smart Start (older version) with Ubuntu

Wicked thx, that was PERFECT! got it in there and mounted... although i dont think it can deal with raid5.. its a 3200 smart array controller and i could only find information on raid0 and no other options.

if anyone knows anything about that iwould be grateful.