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Where to find rpm dependencies

Ron Vladick

Where to find rpm dependencies

Steps to find the latest rpms to fullfill patch dependencies:

1) goto
2) Select Download at top right of page
3) Scroll down to Find Latest RPM's
4) By keyword, search for rpm name.
5) Download rpm

Some other sites like will have similar versions but be careful to only downlaod RedHat 7.1 rpms. I have found the site to meet most of my needs.
Regular Advisor

Re: Where to find rpm dependencies

We are ordering an x4000 with pre-loaded RH 7.1. You may have answered a question I was pondering, but would appreciate your confirmation.
There is a 90 day os support with the x4000. Does HP provide notification for RH7.1 rpms & erratas updates and does HP package it for downloading. Also this box will be outside the firewall, is the SSL port 443 to RH secure for udpates?