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adding users to container

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adding users to container


I have the understanding that the file /etc/tlinux/users/access controls which compartment a user belongs to and their system rights.

If this is correct, it is not working as it is supposed to on the system. Whenever I log in from the terminal, no matter who the user is, they are put in the 'system' compartment and when they log in ussing ssh, they are put in the 'ssh' compartment. Is there a command I have to run to activate these rules?

Here are two examples of the users on the system:


Are these correct? If they are, do you have any ideas on who to make sure each user is put in their specified compartment?

Luis G.
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Hal Rottenberg
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Re: adding users to container


You are correct on how the access file works, however it only applies to remote SSH connections. Anyone logging in via the console gets the system compartment and the tlinuxadm bit as long as you are logged in via TT1. TTY2+ don't get the tlinuxadm bit so you cannot change compartments from them. This can be changed via /etc/inittab.

As far as your issue, you seem to have configured things correctly. More investigation may find a configuration issue or software defect. You may wish to open a support call with your local HP Response Center.


Hal Rottenberg
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