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lnsioctl.h missing

Gerhard Schromm
Occasional Visitor

lnsioctl.h missing

Hi all!

I failed to compile the kernel extensions because there is no headerfile named lnsioctl.h in the source tree. This file is included from hplx_rl_main.c and mm_fs.c.

Where can I get this file.

bye Gerhard
Hal Rottenberg
Frequent Advisor

Re: lnsioctl.h missing


Probably what is happening is that you are trying to compile on our version 1.0 kernel. We did not include the kernel headers for that version. What you need to do is load the latest kernel patches and try again.

To find the latest kernel patches:

1) Go to
2) Click on individual patches under Maintenance and Support
3) Click on patches for applications on other platforms
4) Change the platform to Linux(x86) / hplx1.0
5) Chagne the search type to browse and click search.

Currently the patch# you will need is HPTL_00020, 21 or 22, based on your CPU.
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