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"temip_db_init_once failed" when archive oc is executed

Occasional Contributor

"temip_db_init_once failed" when archive oc is executed

When execute archive on an operation context, "temip_db_init_once failed" occurred. The following is the log:

TeMIP> ar op oc_fault database name=temipserver_nms,purge=true

OPERATION_CONTEXT temiphome_ns:.OC_Fault
On director: temiphome_ns:.temip.temiphome_director
AT Wed Apr 7 13:44:27

An error occurred while archiving Alarm Objects
Error explanation = "temip_db_init_once failed",
Error code = %MCC-F-FAILED, fatal TeMIP(TM)
Framework error
Martin P.J. Zinser
Honored Contributor

Re: "temip_db_init_once failed" when archive oc is executed


This is a pretty specialized application, you might want to ask over in the OpenView area at

Greetings, Martin