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Auditing related query

Hello Everyone,


I have a query related to audit points which I want to implement on my site.


These points have been given by the security/auditing team and have to be implemented by us ASAP.


But they have not given the solution for the points and on the internet I am not able to get sufficient info about it.


Can someone help me by explaining what is the impact in implementing these points and how to do implement the same.


I am attaching the file for the same.



Mehul Yadav

Patrick Wallek
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Re: Auditing related query

They actually did give you the "Solutions" in the Recommendations column.  Yes, those recommendations are not very detailed but it is your job as a system administrator to be able to take those recommendations and fix the problems.


Without knowing exactly what your environment is there really isn't much of a way to give you an impact analysis, nor is there an easy way to tell you how to implement the changes.


The tasks are not simple and could require anwhere from 1 day to a week or more to properly implement.  That does not count checking the applications impact and testing everything properly once changes have been made.


There are organizaitons that will assist with things like this.  Most will charge in the range of 250 - 300 US Dollars per hour.



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Re: Auditing related query

Hi Patrick,


Thanks for the information but can you please tell em what can be done now as I cannot spend that much amount and being in HP my manager will also not approve the help from other organizations as you know waht are the problems related to it.


Also I am ok with the time I do not want urgently I have around 1 months time.


Please give your suggestion.