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Converting NTLM Authentication Method

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Converting NTLM Authentication Method

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Our System Administrator is working on converting to Active Directory 2012.  We've read that AD 2012 no longer supports NTLMv1 authentication which HP-UX is currently set to use.


We tried to convert to Kerberos a couple years ago, but ran into problems, I don't exactly remember what.  I think we had problems rejoining the domain after converting to Kerberos, so we changed it back to NTLM and have left it ever since.


It looks like with CIFS Client A.02.02 there is support for NTLMv2 authentication.  Is it as simple as changing the following line in the cifsclient.cfg file to begin using NTLMv2?


 ntlmEncryptionVersion = ntlm;


It looks like we can simply change the value to ntlmv2, but I'm unsure if there is anything else I need to be aware of before making the change.


Any help would be appreciated.


Ben Kennedy



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