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SFTP User with access to specific folders

Pramod M
Regular Advisor

SFTP User with access to specific folders

Hello Experts,


The OS is HP-UX 11iV3.

I need to create a sftp user who can connect to the ftp server remotely and access some specified folders only.

ie the user 'sftptest' should able to connect to the ftpserver from externally and able to access /data/test/ftp/in and /data/dev/ftp/out.


Hope you can help on this..


Thanks in advance...


Chirag Parikh
Frequent Advisor

Re: SFTP User with access to specific folders



By default any user configured with system access has ftp access unless you have put the username in /etc/ftpd/ftpusers file to block ftp acces of user. The user's shell, as defined in the user's passwd entry, should be a 'valid' shell defined in /etc/shells. And for specific directory access to FTP user, either one of them could be configure as users home directory and for second folder you may give specific folder rights - 770.


This should work.


Thanks & Regards,

Chirag Parikh


Re: SFTP User with access to specific folders

My understanding is that OpenSSH 4.9p1 (HP A.05.90) allows you to chroot specific users. However, I have not yet tried out this setting.