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ftp error

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ftp error

Dear Experts,

We are facing issue with ftp service.We have 1 VMS test node and transfer files with ftp from VMS to windows ssh client version 6.09.When user check the listing on the client side the listing is followed with * as suffix.So from the client side facing issue when trying to use the "*" on the commands (ls *.txt). Long listing won't follow with the "*" , some how the scripts are failing to get the required results.
Now user/client doesn't want to show * as suffix with each file.Can anyone would be able to give me solution.

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Re: ftp error

> [...] VMS [...]

Pretty uninformative description.

tcpip show version

> [...] ftp [...]

> [...] ssh [...]

SSH and FTP don't go together. SFTP is
different from FTP.

> [...] windows ssh client version 6.09 [...]

Have you tried a different clirnt?
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Re: ftp error

I suspect it is an issue with the client and as such (more) details on the client software are important. Try something else, like an FTP client?
But the OpenVMS side could be incorrect as well. Which OpenVMS version? Which TCPIP stack?

WAG: the "*" is a is misinterpreted FEAT Response for MLSx with an empty feature list (just the name) and the optional "*" present.
See: "7.8. FEAT Response for MLSx"
Just a wild guess. I don't really know anything about this stuff.

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Re: ftp error

Load and use Filezilla on Microsoft Windows. It's probably going to provide your staff with a better experience, and it's generally known to work with the VMS servers.
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Re: ftp error


Details are as below

OpenVMS Version V8.3-1H1
Windows SSH client Version Tectia SSH 6.09

SSH-2.0-3.2.0 SSH Secure Shell OpenVMS V5.5 VMS_sftp_version 3

Remote system type is POSIX.
sftp> ls -l
-rwxr-x--- 16777409 256 494 Mar 15 11:54 TCPIP$FTP_SERVER.LOG;2
-rwxr-x--- 16777409 256 494 Mar 15 11:42 TCPIP$FTP_SERVER.LOG;3
-rwxr-x--- 16777409 256 494 Mar 15 11:44 TCPIP$FTP_SERVER.LOG;4
-rwxr-x--- 16777409 256 494 Mar 15 11:51 TCPIP$FTP_SERVER.LOG;5
-rwxr-x--- 16777409 256 494 Mar 15 11:53 TCPIP$FTP_SERVER.LOG;6
-rwxr-x--- 16777409 256 76 Mar 15 16:11 TCPIP$SSH_SFTP-SERVER2.LO
-rwxr-x--- 16777409 256 457 Mar 20 15:49 TCPIP$SSH_SFTP-SERVER2.LO
-rwxr-x--- 16777409 256 212 Mar 16 10:12 TCPIP$SSH_SFTP-SERVER2.LO
-rwxr-x--- 16777409 256 224 Mar 16 10:20 TCPIP$SSH_SFTP-SERVER2.LO
-rwxr-x--- 16777409 256 38 Mar 16 10:33 TCPIP$SSH_SFTP-SERVER2.LO
-rwxr-x--- 16777409 256 159 Mar 16 14:41 TCPIP$SSH_SFTP-SERVER2.LO
-rwxr-x--- 16777409 256 59 Mar 16 15:11 TCPIP$SSH_SFTP-SERVER2.LO
-rwxr-x--- 16777409 256 352 Mar 18 14:25 TCPIP$SSH_SFTP-SERVER2.LO
-rwxr-x--- 16777409 256 182 Mar 16 19:14 TCPIP$SSH_SFTP-SERVER2.LO
-rwxr-x--- 16777409 256 309 Mar 17 13:17 TCPIP$SSH_SFTP-SERVER2.LO


sftp> ls

HP TCP/IP Version V5.6 -ECO 2 HP BL860C

We cannot use FileZila and other tools since its a client system ...for that it would be long long process

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Re: ftp error

Please load the current ECO kit for TCP/IP Services, as a start.

While you're at it, the client site may want to upgrade the ssh tectia client to 6.0.16; to a more current release.

Check to see if this is a tectia flag for execute-access or such; try listing some files with different protections.

If all that fails, please contact HP support directly.
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Re: ftp error

> tcpip show version

Would that have been so hard to do?

> HP TCP/IP Version V5.6 -ECO 2 HP BL860C

And what's current, ECO 5? (But it probably
won't help in this case.)

In case you haven't figured it out yet, the
trailing "/" and "*" characters on the file
names denote directories and executables,
respectively. For example (using an HP-UX
SFTP client):

sftp> ls -l
drwxr-x--x 1 sms 50 512 Mar 25 3:32 dir.DIR;1/
-rw-rw---- 1 sms 50 10 Mar 25 3:33 file.dat;1
-rwxrwx--- 1 sms 50 10 Mar 25 3:32 file.exe;1*

Interestingly, a different "ls" option in
that SFTP client does not add these (but it's
not obvious why it should differ in that way
from "-l"):

sftp> ls -n
drwxr-x--x 0 2621441 40 512 Mar 24 22:32 dir.DIR;1
-rw-rw---- 0 2621441 40 10 Mar 24 22:33 file.dat;1
-rwxrwx--- 0 2621441 40 10 Mar 24 22:32 file.exe;1

I might be less than diligent, but if this
stuff is described anywhere in the TCPIP SSH
documentation, then I missed it. I know
nothing, but I'd guess that the SFTP server
returns file type information in its listing
data, and the client decides whether or not
(and how) to display it. (The usual
UNIX(-like) "ls -F" style seems to be

The TCPIP SFTP client is particularly lame
(amazing!) in that its only "ls" options are
"-l" and "-R" (and if you try anything else,
you get a malformed error message):

sftp> ls

[No one else shows ".", either.]

sftp> ls -l
drwxr-x--x 1 sms 50 512 Mar 25 3:32 dir.DIR;1/
-rw-rw---- 1 sms 50 10 Mar 25 3:33 file.dat;1
-rwxrwx--- 1 sms 50 10 Mar 25 3:32 file.exe;1*

sftp> ls -n

sftp> l option -- n

So, I'd guess that your options would be to
change the file protections on the files on
the VMS system, or find some better "ls"
options in your SFTP client, or find a better
SFTP client.

Without seeing the actual network traffic or
the source code for one end or the other, I
can't be sure, but I'd guess that the listing
format is determined by the SFTP client, not
by the server. If that's true, then it may
be very difficult to solve this problem at
the server end.
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Re: ftp error

This is the unformatted output as produced by the TCP/IP services SSH server.

More intelligent SFTP clients use the formatted output, where filespecifications are returned in a structure. The TCP/IP services SSH server produces this as well.

VMS specific peculiarities as the file versioning and the fact directories appear as .DIR but a set default or cd to that directory require that .DIR to be stripped off are probably beyond the capabilities of most SFTP