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BL465c Blade NLB Cluster, How To?

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BL465c Blade NLB Cluster, How To?

Hello People.
I'm looking information or a how to or something else of the steps need it for configure a network Load Balancing, specifically a NLB for Windows 2003 terminal services.

In theory should be easy to do this, but my corcern is the switch, i don't know much about switches but also i don't know what do i need to do for the configuration.

So here the complete deal.

We have a new Blade System, and HP 10 HP Proliant 465c blades in a C7000 chassis with 2 GbE2c Switches (but we are just using one) as our network is 100Mb with made a Trunking with the 5 ports available in this switch.

All servers will be use for our new terminal services environment and my biggest concern is because i believe (pretty sure, where no so) that a NLB as a cluster need a heartbeat configuration, so i don't know how to configure the switch so every private NIC just comunicate with the other private NIC in NLB01 to NLB2 escenario and all that until i complete the setup in the 10 blades so i configure 5 NLB server.

Please any advice will be really apreciate.