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How to move images between 2 separate CMU clusters

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How to move images between 2 separate CMU clusters

I'm currently building 2 identical CMU clusters, at least at the hardware level. The only difference is the compute node count.

My question is now that I've built one cluster, can I install CMU on the second and simply scp the image directory over to the new cluster? Or are there additional things CMU records during a backup that would be lost? Perhaps like creating the logical group with any additional things the backup operation might do for you?

On the other hand what I know I can do, because I've done it before, is just install RHEL on a new compute node, back it up which does create the right structures, and simply copy my other image directory on top of that. That does work, but I'm lazy and if I don't have to create the initial image on the second cluster that would be very sweet.

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Re: How to move images between 2 separate CMU clusters

yes you can copy the image directory directly. Then you need to create the image from an administrative point of view (GUI or CLI) i.e: if you copy /opt/cmu/image/test1 to another cluster, you will need to: cmu_add_logical_group test1 or its GUI equivalent which will involve declaring again the root device. AND of course you will need to make your compute nodes candidates for that image