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I have 2 hp proliant 370Ml servers with same configuration. i like make hardware cluster between this two server to make them domain controller. please provide help in easy format
i donot have any extra device.
thanks sanny
Shaikh Imran
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Re: cluster


BTW,since you are new to the forums
take a look at the following link:

For all informations related to Proliant clustering.

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Doug de Werd
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Re: cluster

If you want to use the servers in an actual Microsoft Cluster, you will need some kind of external shared storage, such as the MSA500. If you do this, you should also check out the MS Knowledge Base article:;en-us;281662

However, if you are just wanting to have a backup for your domain controller, just make one of the serevrs the primary domain controller and the other a backup domain controller - no clustering is required (and no extra hardware).

You can get more info on this here:;EN-US;197132

You should also check you OS documentation on how to create multiple domain controllers.


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