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cmu has no X11 display

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cmu has no X11 display

I use cmu v7.2 in the manage node.

When i want to connect X11 display ,it has an error "Error:MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 not found".

Has anyone met this problem? How can i solve it?


Re: cmu has no X11 display

HP Insight CMU v7.2 ships a JAVA terminal which doesn't  require X server. It is recommended to use JAVA terminal (which is a default one) instead of using legacy X11 mode. You need X server only, if  you want to use legacy X11 mode. 


Regrading the error, are you trying to launch GUI on management node itself or it is other client workstation ?
What OS is installed on the client machine ?


If it is a Linux machine, please check if xauth has MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE’s. You can run this command to check:

 #xauth  -n list