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I am using hpasm on an DL360 G4 with SuSE SLOX 4.1 which is based on SLES 8.
I use it mainly for the thermalsensors.
I fetch the data produced by hplog -t and import it into a rrd database.
The problem is, that the hplog sometimes hangs up and freezes the whole rrd data collecing system.
On an old Proliant DL380 G1 Server we use the compaq modules for that purposes. On these releases there was a file under /proc/ which contained exactly the data needed.
Do the new modules use a file to store the data ? If so, I would prefer to read that file in my script instead of calling hplog every time.

Thanks in advance.

David Claypool
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Re: hplog

You should be able to use the same latest version across all of your systems because it is backwards compatible. You should be always able to find the info you are looking for in /proc/cpqtemp. You might also be interested in /proc/cpqfan. The health driver updates these files each minute. There also is /proc/cpqpwr /proc/cpqpci and /proc/cpqci.