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Advanced iLO

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Advanced iLO

Hello all. I am a server admin for a large hospital. We want to deploy advanced iLO to approximately 300 plus servers. Is there a way to find out which servers already have this feature? In addtion, is there a way to find out which servers need the feature. A tool perhaps to query the environment? Anything in SIM? Thanks in advance
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Re: Advanced iLO

hi Grimmy

someone else posted this for SIM

"If you are using SIM you can go to the Reports menu > New Report and then choose the All Management Processors list as the target. Once you do, then choose "System License Information under the General section. I chose System Name and License Key to be included in the report, of course you can always add more items if you like.
So that way works all of your license keys come back in one report and you'll be able to tell which MP's have not yet been licensed."

I am not sure if works since since I am not SIM guy

I know this way

and also using ssh (putty)
once logged you can use command
show /map1 license

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
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Re: Advanced iLO

Another option is a utility like curl or wget that can pull the license state from iLO. You would need a list of the iLO network addresses and a little post processing, but this is not too bad given the number of systems you are targetting.

For example,
c:\curl-7.15.3>curl http://ilo1sys/xmldata?item=cpqkey