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CPQLODOS and iLO Errors

Thomas Sords

CPQLODOS and iLO Errors

I have a DL380G3 server and am attempting to configure it utilizing CPQLODOS and Smart Script. I am getting the following error when attempting to configure it:
unable to communicate with the RILOE/RILOE II/iLO

The odd thing is, however, that it looks like the license key is taken, and it definitely resets the iLO (removes the default username/pword), but it doesn't add the new user information or the IP settings that I want it to have. Any ideas? please find my .rlo file below

USER_NAME = "iLO Admin"
USER_LOGIN = "iloadmin"
PASSWORD = "xxxxxxx">

Neal Bowman
Respected Contributor

Re: CPQLODOS and iLO Errors


The following are from Remote Insight Command Language section of the HP ILO Users Guide. Yoy may need to try
prior to
You will also need to add
prior to .

Good Luck!
Thomas Sords

Re: CPQLODOS and iLO Errors

The seems to only be valid if you are using the CPQLOCFG utility, not with the CPQLODOS utility. Good idea though. Any others?