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Constant error: Open could not dequeue a packet

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Constant error: Open could not dequeue a packet

We are trying to use hponcfg and hpilo to monitor temperature and fan status on Proliant DL 360 and 380 machines.

We've been trying different versions of the Proliant Support Pack over the past year and we constantly run into a problem with HP ILO. In the past, ILO would eventually just lock up, with 8.5, it does seem to continue to function, but our log files is filling up with the following message:

Aug 19 19:07:17 ilpm85-act kernel: hpilo 0000:01:04.2: Open could not dequeue a
Aug 19 19:07:17 ilpm85-act kernel:last message repeated 7 times

Here are the rpm's we are using:

I've seen a few references to this error in the past through google, but no actual links to solutions to remove it.

We are running Centos 5.3, but we update /etc/redhat-release to return a Redhat release string, since the hp-OpenIPMI install script seems to check for this.

I've only been running the current ilo version for 24 hours, so there is still a chance that ilo will lock up completely, but right now we're getting these messages, but still get valid results most of the time.
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Re: Constant error: Open could not dequeue a packet

Has a solution been found for this annoying problem..? :)  To date, I am still experiencing this issue.?

Jimmy Vance

Re: Constant error: Open could not dequeue a packet

Original thread is almost 6 years old. Are you running the same OS and agent versions as the original poster?  I'd suggest starting a new thread with details of your configuration



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