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Re: Failed to communicate with iLO

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Failed to communicate with iLO


No chance to communicate with iLO 5 (v.1.15) with the hponcfg command or GUI and password. The security level is set to "High". Therefore I can't update the new firmware.

The error message on GUI is "ERROR: Error fetching iLO security state", on command "ERROR: Failed to communicate with iLO".

But I can logon with administrator on the iLO homepage.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Regards, Francesco

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Re: Failed to communicate with iLO

I had a similar issue yesterday configuring BL460 Gen10 blades in an older model BLC7000 chassis.

At various points, It would lock me out of the ILO when trying to connect (ALL invalid usernames/passwords) error, even when trying a user that was recently created and working just prior to being locked out.

The only solution is to reboot the ILO manually since powershell cannot remote into the ILo any longer.

I'm wondering if this was because of the older chassis not communicating with iLO5 properly....

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Re: Failed to communicate with iLO


already reset exectuted, but still the same issue.


Re: Failed to communicate with iLO

Hi Francesco,

I am assuming that you are trying to use HPONCFG on Windows. HPONCFG WIndows doesnt currently support High Security State and hence you are seeing the Error. We plan to support High Security state for HPONCFG in the coming releases.



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