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Firmware CD Supplemental Update through iLO

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Firmware CD Supplemental Update through iLO

I want to apply a firmware update to a server which runs VMware ESXi (so i cannot apply online updates). It looks like the only way to do this is to create a USB key with "HP USB Key Utility" and plug it in physically.


Can I perform this upgrade remotely through iLO?

Afaik iLO 2 doesn't support USB.



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Jimmy Vance

Re: Firmware CD Supplemental Update through iLO

iLO2 virtual media supports USB key devices. The virtual media function requires an iLO2 advanced pack license

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Re: Firmware CD Supplemental Update through iLO

My problem anyway is that "HP USB Key Utility" doesn't support creating an image instead of writing to a physical key.

I tried to run it in a Virtual Machine but the software refuses to run on virtualized environments. This is making me angry.


I would like to try the "Add supplemental" floppy method: http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/ITRC-remote-lights-out-mgmt-iLO/Can-you-boot-remotely-from-a-local-USB-key-via-iLo2/td-p/4617743

But there is no "Add Supplemental" option.


Do I really need a 2GB pendrive in order to install a 5MB update??

Honored Contributor

Re: Firmware CD Supplemental Update through iLO

As Jimmy wrote, you must have have the licens for virtual media to function, on the ProLiant's. Blades got the licens installed from factory.

Once you've got virtual media enabled you can mount "any" local media or image.
And it do support USB.

If you want to use a standard FW DVD or SPP, simply download the packages, extract it and mount the ISO file.
If you want to add extra files. Create a bootable USB mem.
Copy the files to \hp\swpackages, and mount the USB mem in the virtual media applet.
Beware, the Virtual media applet must remain open!!


Re: Firmware CD Supplemental Update through iLO

But I don't have a physical 2GB USB mem! (I don't know why HP didn't think of this, because adding support for image files should be pretty easy)


I found a workaround:

- I used UltraISO to manually add the package to the Firmware DVD ISO (in hp\swpackages).

- I booted from CD, then in filter select "non-bundler packages" and "non-bundle versions".

Then the supplemental update appeared as installable.

Honored Contributor

Re: Firmware CD Supplemental Update through iLO

Yes using Ultra ISO work as well.


regarding size of USB. The FW DVD take 1,2 GB, so you will need a 2 GB or larger.

I use a 8GB, it work well, and I can have multible versions of FW DVD, and smart start on it, and log files and othe stuff :)